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The latest version of the Gamer2 is proving to be a big hit with all our customers and the long wait was well worth it as the new revamped version is superb!

The Simulation Kit now includes the same BKA-130-Ci amplifier used in the Gamer2 and the previous "OE" amplifier model has been discontinued. The addition of the optional MLC-1 Stereo/Mono converter is highly recommended for both the Gamer2 and Simulation Kit.

The supply situation for the remaining out of stock items that rely on the BKA-1000-N or BKA-300 amplifiers is still an issue and we do not expect this to be resolved until later in the year.

This means the following products are still unavailable until further notice:
BKA-1000-N amplifier, LFE Kit, Kit-4 (Wireless Kit), BKA-300 amplifier.

Keep the faith!


ButtKicker Mini LFE

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The latest version of the Mini-LFE has been upgraded internally and is fully optimized in its native form for improved performance and no longer requires any modification or special editions.

The ButtKicker Mini-LFE is a smaller version of the award-winning ButtKicker LFE Tactile Transducer. When used in conjunction with speakers or headphones, the ButtKicker Mini-LFE adds amazing impact and tone perception and is especially effective for small, individual home cinema seating, game seats, car audio, keyboard and studio monitoring applications.

The ButtKicker Mini LFE requires minimal power and can be linked together easily in multiples. Application is generally for single and smaller seats, but are very effective when used in multiples with multi-channel amplifiers for the latest race rigs. 

The integral mounting bracket means that the Mini LFE can be easily attached to more surfaces, including verticals in furniture. Note: The Mini LFE has a short 30cm cable terminating in bare wire for ease of installation. The white cable is positive (+), black cable is negative (-).

Nominal Impedance:
4 ohms
Power handling:
50 watts RMS min / 150 watts RMS max
Frequency response:
10-250 Hz
120mm (W) x 118mm (L) x 76mm (H)
2 lbs / 0.91 kgs 

ButtKicker Mini LFE
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