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The latest version of the Gamer2 is proving to be a big hit with all our customers and the long wait was well worth it as the new revamped version is superb!

The Simulation Kit now includes the same BKA-130-Ci amplifier used in the Gamer2 and the previous "OE" amplifier model has been discontinued. The addition of the optional MLC-1 Stereo/Mono converter is highly recommended for both the Gamer2 and Simulation Kit.

The supply situation for the remaining out of stock items that rely on the BKA-1000-N or BKA-300 amplifiers is still an issue and we do not expect this to be resolved until later in the year.

This means the following products are still unavailable until further notice:
BKA-1000-N amplifier, LFE Kit, Kit-4 (Wireless Kit), BKA-300 amplifier.

Keep the faith!


What is a ButtKicker® brand low frequency audio transducer?

ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers are musically accurate, powerful, virtually indestructible patented linear transducers that recreate amplified audio signals in the feeling range.
They are similar to loudspeakers, but instead of moving a cone and transferring sound waves through the air, they attach to solid objects such as seating, floors, platforms and risers. Low frequency sound is then sent directly into the listener's body - the effect is quite amazing!  

It takes two senses to perceive full range sound - we hear sound, but we also feel sound, especially low frequency. Traditionally, it takes large speakers moving tremendous amounts of air to feel the low frequency of sound. People like loud concerts because they want to feel the sound pressure in their bodies.

ButtKicker transducers reproduce the feeling range of audio in a more direct way than through air. The perception is actually better and sound pressure disappears. For example, When using headphones with ButtKicker brand transducers, the listener perceives powerful, musically accurate, concert-level audio, but no one else hears anything - the sound is completely isolated to the listener.

Many top touring bands use ButtKicker products for stage monitoring as it gives them better control over their mix and sound level, without sacrificing any quality.
In the recording studio, ButtKicker transducers allow for low volume, incredible isolation and because the they were designed to be musically accurate, to fractions of frequencies, studio engineers are finding that their mixes are coming out tighter, cleaner and better balanced.

It doesn't end there of course, ButtKicker brand products are used by the world's most demanding customers - IMAX, Disney, Universal Studios, professional and amateur musicians, theme parks and attractions, nightclubs and music venues, home cinema professionals and enthusiasts, computer and console gamers, car audio installers etc etc.

How They Work

Based on a revolutionary, patented design that is more musically accurate, more powerful and longer lasting than voice coil shakers and other tactile devices, ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers allow the user to feel powerful bass without excessive volume.

The magnetically suspended piston moves precisely in response to an amplified audio signal input. This 3lb mass generates tremendous force that is accurately transferred to whatever the unit is attached to.

ButtKicker brand transducers are virtually indestructible and maintenance-free, with many thousands of units in service for over six years... without failure.