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The latest version of the Gamer2 is proving to be a big hit with all our customers and the long wait was well worth it as the new revamped version is superb!

The Simulation Kit now includes the same BKA-130-Ci amplifier used in the Gamer2 and the previous "OE" amplifier model has been discontinued. The addition of the optional MLC-1 Stereo/Mono converter is highly recommended for both the Gamer2 and Simulation Kit.

The supply situation for the remaining out of stock items that rely on the BKA-1000-N or BKA-300 amplifiers is still an issue and we do not expect this to be resolved until later in the year.

This means the following products are still unavailable until further notice:
BKA-1000-N amplifier, LFE Kit, Kit-4 (Wireless Kit), BKA-300 amplifier.

Keep the faith!


About Network Music


Network Music was originally set up in 1998 to supply products and services to recording studios, television and the pro audio industry (hence the music connection).
It was around this time that we had our first introduction to the world of tactile audio and were instantly fascinated by the function and the potential of these devices.

Over the next few years, we sourced and supplied various tactile products that were becoming increasingly popular in the pro audio field, initially as resellers.
We were particularly fond of the ButtKicker brand as their patented design delivered far superior power and response compared to anything else on the market.

In 2005, we had the good fortune to hook up directly with The Guitammer Company (ButtKicker manufacturers) and took over the UK distribution.
Guitammer were developing their range of products for the emerging markets of home cinema and gaming and without doubt they were true visionaries. The ButtKicker name has since become synonymous within the industry and genuinely deserves the accolade of market leader.

We have worked hard to establish ButtKicker brand products within the UK, a role we take very seriously. Our wealth of experience and knowledge of these products reflect the fact that this is all we do - nothing else - just ButtKicker all day, every day!. 

Continued development across the product range enables us to be very proud of our association with ButtKicker brand products and we look forward to the future with great enthusiasm.